Scientific studies in knowledge and technology, cultural, social, artistic and sporting activities leading in Turkey, respected in the world, graduates preferred and sought after, with students and lecturers of international quality that meets the needs of stakeholders with quality and effective solution, democratic and modern higher education to be a faculty in which scientific knowledge is produced, taught and disseminated at national and international levels as a corporation that adopts the concept of understanding, follows a constructive, creative and innovative way in the fields of education, training, research and application, and has a strong corporate culture and identity.

          In line with Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions; To educate highly equipped individuals who have assimilated the principles of democratic, secular, social, state of law and national and spiritual values ​​of Turkish society, have self-confidence, tolerance and scientific thinking power, can think analytically in the field of science. National and international scientific research, publication and consultancy to produce scientific knowledge and thus the development of the region and country to produce solutions, competent academic staff to maintain its presence and effectiveness.