Our institution, which previously served as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, was transformed into the Faculty of Science on November 13, 2010. Since our faculty organizations, to contribute to the development of science and technology as well as in Turkey, also it continues to improve the quality of education and training. Our faculty has 6 departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and Molecular Biology and Genetics. There is optional English preparation in all departments of our faculty. In addition to undergraduate education in the departments of our Faculty, graduate and doctorate programs are carried out within the Institute of Science. Biology, Chemistry, Statistics and Mathematics departments have FEDEK accredited certificate. The Department of Physics and Molecular Biology and Genetics are also being accredited.
        Faculty of Science, one of the distinguished faculties of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University; With its management structure, talented and dynamic academic staff, it is advancing confidently to the future. It has a corporate identity structure that meets the needs of the society, supports scientific studies and can create its own resources. In accordance with the research topics of our faculty members and guest researchers, we have a technical and modern laboratory infrastructure where both our students and faculty members can realize the aims of producing knowledge and leading new technologies.
             All departments of our faculty aim to provide students with critical thinking by applying contemporary teaching methods at international standards, as well as to encourage students to think critically and thus develop their ability to conduct independent research and renew themselves. We educate undergraduate and graduate students with the highest ethical and professional standards, open to lifelong learning and growth, equipped with an interdisciplinary perspective as well as basic knowledge. Believing in national unity and solidarity, confident, capable of analyzing all kinds of internal and external threats upbringing of young people is important.
             Our most important goal is to be a faculty that adds value to its students and educates graduates who are accepted in national and international arena. For this purpose, we include our students in our interdisciplinary national and international research projects as well as our flexible curriculum consisting of field courses, core courses and free electives. With the double major and minor programs offered to our students, we support them to develop themselves in a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary manner. Furthermore, many opportunities are provided for students to improve themselves during their education by providing opportunities within the scope of ERASMUS / FARABİ / MEVLANA exchange programs and through the activities of student clubs.
          We invite you to familiarize yourself with the education and research opportunities of the Science Faculty of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University and to work together,              
              I offer my love and respect.

Prof. Dr. Ramazan GÜP